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    Healing Rooms

  Good News, Jesus still heals today!


Are you in need of healing or a miracle? Come to our Healing Rooms.

A place of peace, healing and miracles


Healing Rooms are a safe place and a loving place that people of faith and people without faith may come and receive prayer. 

No appointment is required and there is no charge for our service, although all donations are gratefully appreciated. 

There is nothing too big or too small that our team will not pray for. We pray for people with physical, mental, and emotional issues as well as for people who come in looking for direction and peace in their lives.

Please check out the Testimony tab to hear of recent healings.

Welcome to our website. I am Gordon Petley-Jones the Director of the Nanaimo Healing Rooms.

 I have been a member of our Healing Rooms for over eight year and during this time I have been privileged to witness God healing so many people of physical, emotional and spiritual issues.  When I see people coming in for prayer with their heads down and full of despair, and after prayer they leave full of joy... that is why we do Healing Rooms!


I can confidently say that God is with our Healing Rooms and if you are struggling with any health issue or uncertainty in your life, I personally encourage you to come in and encounter the Healing power of God for yourself.

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Our team have all received a special gift to heal the sick through prayer and feel called to the Healing Rooms . They come from various Church's in our area and are approved by the Pastor of their Church.

This year our Healing Rooms will have been in operation for 11 years. Over this time we have seen so many come in with pain and left with no pain. We have seen backs, shoulders and knees healed, hearing restored and eye sight returned. We have seen legs grow out and cancer disappear. We have seen despair replaced with peace, hope come where there was no hope and we have seen people receive revelation on decisions. And we have seen so much more...

God can heal anything and in the Healing Rooms we see ongoing demonstrations of this.

Matthew 19: 26 'With God, all things are possible.'

Nanaimo Healing Rooms

Meet at 1717 Kerrisdale Rd.

Open Hours

Mondays 7-9pm

Fridays  11am - 1pm

Closed on Statutory Holidays

BC Healing Rooms Conference in Nanaimo, May 1-3, 2020

Click on Conference tab for more information

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I went up for prayer as I was having an operation the next day to remove a tumor attached to an ovary. During the prayer I felt something move inside me and thought that I might be healed. I went through with the operation and the doctors came to me after, looking very puzzled and said that when they opened me up, they found the tumor already gone as well as the ovary it was attached to. I told them that I was prayed for the day before and felt that I might have been healed. The doctors left even more puzzled than when they entered.                                                                                                   

- Mia


Have you been healed at our Healing Rooms?

Over the years we have run into many people who have come to our Healing Rooms and were healed, but it happened after they left, so we didn't know about it.

If you were one of these people, we would love to hear your story!

You can send it by e-mail to our email address...

[email protected]

Hearing about Healings and Miracles that we are a part of, is especially encouraging for our team. 

Our Team at our 10th Anniversary dinner. October 2017

Training Days

Twice a year we hold Training Days to train and equip the Church such that they see healings and miracles as being a normal part of Church life.

Our next Training Day is

Saturday, March 14, 2020

from 8:30am to 4:45pm.

Nanaimo Full Gospel Church

4900 Hammond Bay Rd.

The topics we cover are

- The Fathers Heart

- Scriptural Basis for Healing

- Hearing God and the Kingdom of God

- Healing Foundations

- The Authority of the Believer to Heal

- Roadblocks and Myths that have reduced Gods provision for healing.

- Keys to Healing Rooms Ministry

- An Impartation

The cost is $45 or $80 per couple with payment at the door. Lunch, coffee and treats will be provided during breaks. More detailed information will be provided once registered.

Register at [email protected]